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52 Weeks to a Sweeter Life for Caregivers, Activists and Helping Professionals: A Workbook of Emotional Hacks, Self-Care Experiments and Other Good Ideas

By Farzana Doctor

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March 23, 2024


Self-help / Personal Growth / Happiness
Psychology / Mental Health


A practical guide to self-care and community care, written for helpers—the caregivers, activists, community leaders, mental health and medical professionals who are the first to help others, but the last to seek help themselves.As an activist, community organizer and social worker, Farzana Doctor has preached self-care to hundreds of people struggling with burnout and exhaustion. But for years she couldn’t manage to take her own advice.Many other helpers she knew were the same: they knew the signs of burnout, and they understood the science of self-care. Maybe they’d taken workshops on vicarious trauma; maybe they’d even taught them. But still they struggled to escape the cycle of overwork, overwhelm and recovery. 52 Weeks to a Sweeter Life is a workbook that speaks directly to these people—and anyone who struggles to pause, set boundaries and centre their own needs.The workbook contains fifty-two lessons, one for each week of the year. Each week, readers will find a simple new idea and an experiment for trying it out, with deeper dives into the material provided, but every level of participation celebrated. Throughout, Doctor embraces both community care and self-care at the same time, showing readers the overlap between the two.Beautifully written, direct and insightful, this workbook is a gentle and practical guide to a more balanced life, written for those who need it most.

ISBN: 9781771624039
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Publisher: Douglas and McIntyre (2013) Ltd.
Published: March 23, 2024

“In a world that often disempowers us, 52 Weeks offers a spirited and seamless approach to both self-care and community care which is both refreshing and radical. Step by step Farzana shows us how to reclaim care and our power.”“Farzana Doctor has given us permission to care for ourselves. 52 Weeks to a Sweeter Life asks us as service providers to take a leap of faith, invest in our well-being without guilt, and commit to self-care. This is the best resource for service providers that I have seen in a long time. Thank you, Farzana. Your generous gift is greatly appreciated and has come at just the right time.”“52 Weeks is possibly the most important book I’ve ever read! It is a wake-up call, and I feel completely awakened.”“A practical guide to safeguarding the precious resource that is you. Essential reading for caregivers, activists and other caring humans.”“At long last, here is the guide to self-care and self-healing that healers, activists, and social changemakers have been waiting for. Unpretentious, insightful, and deeply aware of the systemic conditions that influence well-being, psychotherapist and author Farzana Doctor offers down-to-earth advice about personal growth, burnout recovery, and relationship health alongside highly relatable anecdotes from her personal experience. Self-help skeptics and wellness aficionados alike will find grounded, practical wisdom in this succinct, yet powerful workbook divided into a series of profoundly helpful themes and exercises. 52 Weeks to a Sweeter Life for Caregivers, Activists and Helping Professionals should be required reading for anyone who wants to change the world - because as the author reminds us, changing the world requires practicing care for ourselves.”