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What is is your place for shopping independent bookstores across Canada! We’re ready to help you plan your book purchases, find books that match your interests, lead you to personalized recommendations and connect with other book lovers.

Find a store

Search stores across Canada to find one close to you or one that has your book in stock.

Send a gift

Books always make great gifts. Find an indie that ships where you need your gift to go, whether that’s across the street or across the country.

Get a recommendation

Not sure what to read next? Browse our curated lists to recreate the in-store experience.

Plan a visit

Traveling to a new town or city? Planning a bookstore crawl? Use our map and directory to plot out your adventure.

Ship a book

No bookstore near you? Find a store that can ship directly to your doorstep.

Uncover a gem

Looking for a book subscription? Big audiobook fan? Adding to your bookish sticker collection? Find a store that offers exactly what you want.

Join an event

Be in the know about upcoming book clubs and author events. Check out the calendar of events to see what’s happening near you or online.

Support a community

Everyone benefits from purchases at independent bookstores: the author, the publisher, and the local community. was established in 2023 by CIBA, the Canadian Independent Booksellers Association. CIBA’s mandate is to strengthen the Canadian independent bookselling sector.

How it Works helps readers find great reads from their favourite or yet-unknown Canadian independent bookstore.

Independent bookstores connect readers with books and with each other. aims to create these same connections in an online space.

Not in itself an online shop, will help lead you where you need to go. IndieBookstores will help you find the store that best suits your needs and redirect you to that store’s website.

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Why it Exists makes it easy to shop local and support neighbourhood bookstores.

Independent bookstores are an integral part of Canadian culture. The booksellers behind these stores are deeply passionate about their work, prioritize best-in-class customer service, and provide unmatched value for the book-buying public. Canada is lucky to have a wealth of distinct independent bookstores from coast to coast to coast.

We know how important it is for Canadians to support its independent bookstores, but it can be challenging in our busy, increasingly digital world. So, we created! makes it easier for Canadian readers to support independent bookstores in a convenient, user-friendly way. It provides stores with a new opportunity to reach readers while serving up knowledgeable book recommendations (so shoppers needn’t rely on algorithms).

By shopping at an independent bookstore, you support a thriving, healthy industry.

CIBA gratefully acknowledges the generous financial support of the Government of Canada. CIBA reconnait l’appui financier du gouvernement du Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Email [email protected] for more information on advertising opportunities.

Not directly. allows you to discover new books and find where they are in stock at an independent bookstore of choice.

Each bookstore has its own policies and pricing for shipping. Most offer some combination of local, provincial, or national shipping. To learn more about unique bookstore policies, visit their websites using our map and directory.

Yes, contact your local bookstore about placing a pre-order through them and they will contact you when your copy is in store.

Of course! We encourage you to use to find a book in stock so that you can be sure it’s there before you visit your store. Many bookstores also offer curbside pick-up.

Yes, many bookstores sell audiobooks through Find out more information here.

Yes, most bookstores can order in any book available on is owned by the Canadian Independent Booksellers Association.