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I Never Said That I Was Brave: A Novel

By Tasneem Jamal

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September 17, 2024


Fiction / Women
Fiction / Cultural Heritage



A taut tale of female friendship and betrayal.

Set between the 1970s and 2010, I Never Said That I Was Brave examines the complicated relationship between two women as they navigate a culture vastly different from their parents'. Motivated by guilt and confusion, the unnamed narrator recounts the shifting dynamics of her lifelong friendship with Miriam, a charismatic astrophysicist who focuses on dark matter. As childhood immigrants to Canada from Uganda, the girls are able to assimilate (though not always easily). In adulthood, they chafe against the deeply held traditions and expectations of their South Asian community and their own internalized beliefs about women.

As the narrator follows her memories on their unpredictable and unreliable paths, the reader is taken along on a devastating journey, one which blurs distinctions between right and wrong, victim and manipulator, life and death.

ISBN: 9781487012823
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Publisher: House of Anansi Press Inc
Published: September 17, 2024