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Descent into Madness: The Diary of a Killer

By Vern Frolick

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November 06, 2017


True Crime / Murder / Serial Killers


The true story unfolds a gripping tale of one of western Canada's greatest wilderness manhunts. The book is based on the incredible diaries of the crazed Michael Oros, and follows his lengthy pursuit by police up to the time he is taken by an RCMP bullet. The author and Crown Prosecuting Attorney, Vernon Frolick, has written this book from the outlaw's point of view, based on the diary entries made by Michael over his thirteen-year descent into madness. The reader is taken into the mind of one of Canada's most vicious killers and is presented with his thoughts, actions, and reactions as he is tracked by the RCMP throughout northern British Columbia. The book also follows and details the moves and moods of the Mounties as they try to capture the killer. In the end, a misfired bullet by a marksman who never missed an open window of opportunity and the Mounties, complete Michael Oros' descent into madness.Black and white reprint.
Vernon Frolick was born in 1950 in Toronto and attended the universities of Toronto and Windsor, graduation with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1974. He commenced his practice of law in Kenora as an Assistant Crown Attorney and later worked as a defense lawyer in Toronto. Since 1982, when he moved to Terrace, BC he has worked continuously as a prosecutor.

ISBN: 9780888390264
Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
Publisher: Hancock House
Published: November 06, 2017